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Based on the company's "win-win" core values and the "Professional, Creditable, Successful" business philosophy, DWIN Technology focuses on the achievement of customer value, gives close attention to the market demand and innovates continuously, and thus achieves sustained high-speed growth. Relying on the leading and competitive advantages of products in terms of functions, quality, services, and prices, DWIN Technology's HMI products, and solutions are widely used in industries such as smart appliances, new energy, financial machinery, engineering machinery, artificial intelligence, export mechanical and electrical products, and medical, beauty and health care, etc. DWIN Technology has won the trust and support of more than 50,000 customers worldwide.Dwin LCD YouTube Channel


On the basis of human-machine interaction, we, DWIN technology mainly sell Industrial LCD panels, TFT LCD Module, HMI Display, and touch screens, provide the product information, technical consultation, and after-sale services for all kinds of the display module, HMI panels, Industrial Displays, interactive touch panel, capacitive/resistive touch screens. Our interactive touch panels range from 2-21.5 inches, applicable to new energy, financial equipment, engineering machinery, medical instruments, industrial equipment, and consumer electrical products.


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