Frequently Asked Questions

(updated june-2023)

Order & Shipping Related

Do you provide Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Yes, we provide COD through renowned courier services only in Pakistan.
Please note: Less then 1000Rs order not proceed on COD.
Wrong or incomplete address or village areas
hight volume or high weight orders
We not provide cash on delivery


How long does it take to get my package?

It depends on which shipping method you use. It takes a few hours to 5 days depending on your address and shipping method you use. See detail on the checkout page for available shipping methods. (NOTE: Delivery Time may change in abnormal situations in country including but not limited to national emergency etc)

Do I need an account to place orders?

No, you not need an account to place orders. 

How you can creat account on www.hallroad.org

What is Order Delivery time?


Cash On Delivery

1 to 7 working days required to delivery your order on cash on delivery
Delivery charges 350RS for 0 to 1KG


Advance payment
1 to 3 working days are required to deliver your order Advance payment.
Delivery charges 200RS for 0 to 1KG


Self Picup
Your order will be packed in warehouse and deliver to delivery point  from where you can receive the package by self and pay for that. It take's minimum 1 hour to 2 hour to ready your order as per work load. 


More than 1kg Order Weight will be updated to you on Call or SMS or Whatsapp.
With Respect to whether and Country or your city situation or holiday, your order Delivery might be late.


What is your account numbers for advance payment for product order transactions?

ACCOUNT NO: 0230 0102 2932 01

Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash and mobicash have many limitations which waste too much time and money.
Thats why we don't accept payment from these channels.



Price Related

Are prices on the website inclusive of taxes?

No, Prices on the website are not inclusive of any kind of taxes. Please contact through email to find prices inclusive of taxes.

Are prices on the website are final in all aspects?

Mostly prices on the website are updated and final but it may change due to many factors including but not limited to market availability, import problems, etc. So we it is better to communicate with order department in case of any question related to updated prices.


Order Tracking Related


How do I track my order?

After order confirmation through the phone call, you will receive the invoice through email which contains tracking number Go to the respective Courier website and track your order OR call to respective courier company helpline. You can also see the tracking number in the invoice available in My Account -> Orders on the website.


How to track order if sent by M&P courier company ?

- M&P Courier helpline   021-111-202-202

Track your M&P order online , Visit this link: http://mulphilog.com/
Enter your tracking number which starts with 55 (for M&P website only)
Example. 543469610000713 

How to track order if sent by TCS courier company?
             TCS Courier helpline   021-111-123-456

Track your TCS order online, Visit this link: https://www.tcsexpress.com/tracking
tracking number starts with 77 (for TCS website only)
Example. 774286711593 or 41416974786

Working time and Pickup Location Related


What are Working time of www.hallroad.org ?

Mon-Sat 11Am to evening 7PM.

Friday 1Pm to 2PM namaz brake

Sunday off 


What is your store location?

مال روڈ  ریگل چوک میں بینک اسلامی اور بینک الحبیب کے ساتھ گلی میں ابوبکر مسجد اور عامر جنرل اسٹورسے دس قدم آگے

Google Map Link;  https://goo.gl/maps/YmDVfbiueGnCHy5DA

Policy Related

What is your return policy?

Please click here to know about the return policy.


What is your user's privacy policy?

Please click here to know about the user's privacy policy.


What are terms and conditions for user to use this website?

Please click here to know about the terms and conditons to use hallroad.org website.

How you can cancel your order:

After placing order on website you will receive a order department number you can send us whatsapp on that number for order cancellation and you can also contact on our helpline number for order cancellation.

Asia cargo:
When we ship the customer parcel through Asia Cargo?
We only ship through Asia cargo when orders are in large volume or high weight.
Asia cargo only Provide services with in Punjab province (not in other provinces) in Specific Cities.

How to track my order if sent by Pakitan Post?
Website link for order tracking.


Pakistan post helpline numbers 
1 Phone no      042-992210971
2 Cell no           03356161400 , 03216772525