Digilog.pk | About US | Reviews

Digilog.pk | About US | Reviews

Digilog.pk old known as hallroad.org is a leading online seller of Arduino, Esp8266, Esp32, sensors, and modules. The company was founded in 2011 and has since grown to become one of the most popular suppliers of electronic components in Pakistan.

Digilog.pk | About US | Reviews

We offers a wide range of products from category of Arduino development boards Esp8266 and Esp32 modules Sensors Modules Other electronic components The company also offers a variety of tools, consumable electronics parts, for example soldering equipment and material, wires etc.
 Free shipping on orders over Rs. 5000 Same-day shipping in Lahore Cash on delivery if offered nationwide by TCS.

Digilog has received positive feedback from customers. Here are some reviews from WhatsApp.

10000mA battery

Digilog.pk | About US | Reviews

Digilog.pk | About US | ReviewsDigilog.pk | About US | Reviews


There are tons of reviews from 30000+ customers which is not possible here to show all.

Here is our youtube channel, 


We have successfully fulfilled more then 200000+ orders nationwide. Its very pleasant to see growing diy culture in Pakistan ab being part of  it. we welcome you to join this culture to enjoying diy culture.
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